Lemorton Calvados Domfrantais

SKU: L0070

Exclusive to Bi-Rite for retail, these “Selections” cuvee are made for top bars in San Francisco like Trou Normand and Bar Agricole for use in their cocktails. Great for mixing and delicious on the rocks.  This is a blend of approximately 70% Pears (mostly the varieties de blanc and Reuesnard) and 30% Apples (mostly Frequin Rouge, Frequin Vert and Crollon). After the fruit is crushed, it is fermented in large, neutral oak casks until it is dry. The following fall, it is distilled once in a column still on the property by Didier Lemorton. The spirit then goes in to older oak casks where it stays for three years and is gradually reduced to 43% alc.